Turkish Islamic Community


Your help today will be a present for this and the coming generations! 

Whoever builds a mosque, desiring thereby Allah's pleasure, Allah builds for him the like of it in paradise”

(Prophet Muhammed ﷺ) 

 Buhâri, Salât 65; Müslim, Mesâcid 25, (533); Tirmizi, Salât 237, (318)

DITIB Turkish Islamic Community in Bergheim e. V.  
(registered association)

Since 1979, the DITIB Turkish Islamic Community in Bergheim has been functional as a registered association in Bergheim. The urgent and growing demand for a Masjid for the community led to the formation of the current association in the region by the first Turkish guest employees 

The opening of our mosque

Our mosque was opened for worship in 1979. The mosque rooms were initially rented, but later they could be bought with the help of association members and devoted Muslims. During that time, the outbuilding could also be utilized as a lounge and for religious teaching purposes. Nevertheless, the renovation work we have done over the years has not been enough to maintain the old mosque.

Our Inspiration: The Hagia Sophia

The dome of Hagia Sophia

A mosque representative for the entire Bergheim region will be constructed, which will meet the wishes of our members and visitors (children, teenagers, families, and seniors). To give the architecture in Bergheim a more vibrant hue, we're planning to build a new mosque with a dome in the style of our inspiration, the Hagia Sophia. 

OUR Story

How it all started…



The DITIB Turkish Islamic Community in Bergheim was founded by former Turkish guest employees as a registered association in Bergheim in 1979. A place of worship was needed by the community to continue practicing their religious duties. After extensive research, they have found a property at Fischbacher Str. 14-22 in the district of Quadrath-Ichendorf. The property's warehouse, which was acquired, contained apartments, a kitchen, several classrooms, and a fitness center. The building was then reconstructed and converted into a mosque.


The beginning…

The community, which grew steadily, now required more space, and the desire for a change intensified. The board decided to build a new mosque and cultural center only by using generated donations because of paid credits in the last few years.

The first building applications were submitted in 2014. After receiving a building permit in 2017, the old building was demolished, and one year later, the long-awaited laying of the foundation stone took place.



The Corona Epidemic forced us to halt the construction process. Additionally, the lack of financial resources led to delays as the costs of essential supplies soared. Despite all the obstacles, the exterior shell of the building was completed in 2022. Today, the majority of the windows have been installed, and the roof is nearly complete. 



Unfortunately, the plan that the mosque should be completed within 3 years did not work out. Despite this, we have faith in our donors and are pursuing the goal of opening the mosque by the end of 2023.

The new Bergheim Mosque 

Pictures of our new Mosque project


1.Tearoom & Multipurpose room

The planned tearoom and multipurpose room will serve as a central meeting place. All Muslims are able to meet different cultures here and strengthen their communication within the community.

2. Fitness room

We're pretty confident that both our mental and physical health are crucial for establishing balance in life.

Ground Floor

1.Prayer rooms for ladies and gentlemen

All Muslims have the opportunity to practice their various acts of worship on an area of 440 m2. Due to the separate rooms for men and women, everyone can fulfill their sacred duties, such as praying five times a day, and thus distance themselves from daily problems.

2. Elevator & disabled WC

The installation of an elevator and disabled toilets should make it possible for everyone to visit the new Mosque.

First Floor

1. Library

We're aiming to provide a learning environment for all those who drop by the mosque and want to learn more about Islam and its wonders.

2. Rooms for our young

The Mosque of Bergheim also has specially adapted rooms for our youthful community. They should be a place of retreat and give the young people an opportunity to spend quality time together.

Second Floor

1. Accommodation for visitors
There are three apartments for our visitors on the second floor.

Zweites Obergeschoss

1. Besucher Unterkunft
Es befinden sich drei Wohnungen für unsere Besucher.

The donation process

Every donation counts!


Step 1: Your flexible donation amount

In the first step, you decide how much you would like to donate and enter this amount. Even a small donation of  €1 can be a great support for our community and advance the construction work.


Step 2: Payment Method

Next, you will be presented with different payment options, from which you will have to choose one. 

Reliable donation implementation is of particular importance to us at this point. As a consequence, we guarantee you 100% transparency and security.


Step 3: Your donation certification

To ensure complete transparency, we will issue a confirmation of your contribution shortly after its submission.

Incoming donations are used exclusively for the purchase of necessary materials and ongoing construction work.


Step 3: Your donation certification

To ensure complete transparency, we will issue a confirmation of your contribution shortly after its submission.

Incoming donations are used exclusively for the purchase of necessary materials and ongoing construction work.


What happens to my donation?

Your donation forms the basis of the construction work. The individual, important construction phases are supported by donations. 

Who is DITIB

Ditib is a Turkish-Islamic association in Germany that works to promote and preserve Turkish culture and Islam. It was founded in 1984 by the Turkish government and, with 900 mosques and over 900,000 members, is the largest provider of mosques and Islamic religious teaching in Germany. The association focuses on the integration of people of Turkish descent in Germany. Various social and cultural offers are intended to make it easier to settle into the foreign culture.

How do I know that my donation was received to the Mosque?

After receiving your donation, you will receive a digital confirmation. In this way, we can enable you a comprehensible donation process.

Is the mosque built with interest?

Islam does not permit the collection and payment of interest.

Our community's involvement in the construction of our mosque allowed it to begin, and its financing has so far been free of any vested interests.

If borrowing is required, Islamic credit institutions are used to maintain the framework of Islamic finance.

What is the meaning of donation in Islam?

“Sadaqah” from Arabic, describes the form of help given to those in need. It is a way to help yourself and others by opening your heart and supporting those in need. Donations are also viewed as an opportunity to gain God's grace.

Thank you!

May Allah accept your donations 


IMAM Nizamettin Tunç

Dear donors,

On behalf of the entire association, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your donation. With your support, DITIB Turkish Islamic Community in Bergheim has a chance! Your donations bring us one step closer to our ultimate goal.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to be done, but we are not discouraged.

Together, we will answer open questions about Islam and break the prejudices in our society. Hand in hand, we can make it possible to leave our children a better world.

May Allah (c.c) accept your donations 🤲

Thank you for your support ❤️